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Celebrating the life of
Master Choa Kok Sui

Special audio stream to celebrate the life of GMCKS streamed on March 21, 2007


Instructions for the Planetary Meditation for Peace


Physical and psychological conditions of each practitioner vary. If discomfort or adverse effects are experienced, the practitioner is advised to stop the Meditation immediately. PMP International and Grand Master Choa Kok Sui will not be held responsible for adverse effects arising from the practice of the meditation techniques and exercises provided here.


People Who Should not Practice the Meditation

  1. Those with severe heart ailments, hypertension, glaucoma or kidney and liver problems

  2. Those below 16 years of age

  3. Pregnant women

  4. Heavy smokers       

  5. Heavy meat eaters (particularly pork)

  6. Those who consume alcohol regularly

  7. Those who use hallucinogenic drugs or who use addictive drugs

  8. Never meditate while driving a vehicle or operating machinery 


Achieve Results Through Blessing!

  1. Do an Invocation for Blessings of Divine Help, Guidance and Divine Protection, Divine Love, Mercy and Compassion, Good Health, Prosperity and Abundance.

  2. This may be done individually or in a group. You may place a picture or a map of a specific location or simply visualize the place or the group of people you wish to Bless.

  3. SMILE! Recall a happy event you have experienced. Place your hands at chest level, with your palms facing outward.

  4. Simply play the CD, cassette tape of the Meditation for Peace and Illumination.

  5. Through your hands, project the energy of Divine Love and Loving Kindness to the location, the group or the project needing Resolution of the situation or problem.

  6. Depending on the length of time the situation or problem has existed, as with nations, it may be necessary to regularly repeat the Blessings until a favorable outcome is achieved.

  7. Under extreme circumstances, the Meditation may be repeated as often as deemed necessary. This approach may be used when there is greater need to transmute an accumulation of negative energies that have gathered in potency over many generations.

  8. Please remember, a small group of about seven (7) people doing the Meditation together have the effect of approximately 100 people meditating individually or separately.


Instructions for Doing the Meditation

  1. Do Physical Exercises before the Meditation.

  2. Sit comfortably with your spine erect, preferably facing east.

  3. Gently close your eyes and simply follow The Meditation.

  4. Do Physical Exercises after the Meditation.




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